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SaasRock v0.3.2 - Filters, Tags, Tasks, Comments, and Workflows


The entity builder just got stronger with a lot of new features for every created Row. Plus a Kanban board component and API limits based on the account's subscription.

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SaasRock v0.3.2 - Row Filters, Tags, Tasks, Comments, Workflows, Kanban Board and API limits

Entity Row Features

Filters: URL search filters with beautiful UX.

Row Filters

Tags: Let your users organize and filter their records with colors.

Row Tags

Tasks: Let users have a ToDo list for every Entity Row.

Row Tasks

Comments: Users can now leave comments on every row, including some HTML (with CSS too).

Row Comments

Workflow: Customize the Entity Workflow States and Transitions (actionable steps).

Row Workflow

API limits

If your application is heavily invested in providing an API for your end-users, then you could link their usage with their current subscription.

API limits

There were some minor improvements, check out the full changelog if you're interested, and the roadmap for upcoming features.

See how I built a mini CRM with these features here.

Or watch the video.

Let me know your thoughts 😀!

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